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addition, the EU has, together with China and other countries involved in "Galileo" program, due to technology transfer, resource conflicts, firing frequency, the Chinese finally focus on their own "Big Dipper" and positioning systems.

    Russia: The Director of the Russian Federal Space Perminov, said on June 1st, this year launched seven satellites, the "GLONASS" satellite navigation system will be fully in place. Current "GLONASS" system the total number of 23 satellites in orbit, including 21 work, the other two on standby.

    China: August 1 will be the fifth satellites "Compass" navigation satellite into space orbit successfully, marking the "Compass" satellite navigation system has taken an important step in network construction. Expected in 2020, "Compass" navigation satellite system will form a global reach, so as to safeguard national security and promoting economic and social development to provide important protection.

    India: Indian Space Research Organization spokesman in April that India plans to launch its first navigation satellite next year, for the end of 2014 to complete its deployment of space satellite navigation network.

Satellite positioning to the global "addiction"

    Develop its own positioning system, in addition to reducing Europe's dependence on US military and technology, but also profitable. From a business perspective, to use the US GPS global positioning system, will buy US signal reception equipment, such as the Airbus of Europe must be fully dependent on the US system. With Europe's own satellite positioning system, the European aerospace industry can develop its own satellites to locate the user, and sell equipment. European R & D of the "Galileo" satellite positioning system is expected to reach market size in 2020 tens of billions of euros. No

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