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ite signal, the error will be controlled at 10 meters range.

Mitsubishi Space Software Company also intends to "lead" the use of satellite signals to guide system. If the location accuracy improved to within one meter, tourists attractions and shops stood before their profiles and menus can be displayed.


GPS popular "starting from the stove"

    The military value of the satellite positioning has not said, and in the economic level, only from the mobile phone with satellite navigation, the expected market size in 2012 to 1,000 billion US dollars. In order to break the US monopoly in the field of satellite positioning, countries are sparing no effort. Although the countries have international cooperation in satellite positioning sounding, but the national interest is still the main obstacle to cooperation among countries, so since the development of satellite positioning from the kitchen into the main theme.

    Japan: 2001 Japan began to develop their own "Quasi-Zenith Satellite System." The launch of the "Guide" is being developed satellite to the "quasi-zenith satellite system", the system consists of three signal coverage in Japan's high-precision positioning satellites. Japan's space agency will assess the "Guide" on the basis of satellite capabilities, to launch two positioning satellites.

    EU: In 2003, when he was French President Jacques Chirac and Germany's then Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder decided to create a "multipolar world" and develop their own satellite positioning system, to balance America's GPS. "Galileo" program along with the introduction. But on the apportionment of funds within the EU have been quarreling, in the launch of the two "Galileo" Star experiment, the relevant progress very slowly, until 2008 the EU to solve the problem of funding the scheme is on the right track. In

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