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mic and technological development.

    Former French President Jacques Chirac at any time to vigorously promote the "Galileo" satellite positioning system of the building. He said there was no "Galileo" program, the European "will inevitably become a client, first and foremost science and technology, followed by industry and the economy. "Therefore, the EU should withstand the difficulties. March 2003," Galileo "satellite navigation system project was officially launched.

    Many countries joined the competition in satellite navigation and positioning, there is a security concern and helplessness. India announced in April this year to launch its own navigation satellite missile test last year in this subject stems from the "stimulus."

    India's "Brahmos" supersonic cruise missile test last January did not hit the target time, the US Global Positioning System (GPS) at the critical moment "ball dropped" so that the missile failed to satellite positioning system receiver in the onboard computer and the United States to establish a connection between the satellite, resulting in "Brahmos" about 2 km away from the goal. This prompted the Indian designers to determine the future positioning in the world seeking to reduce dependence on US satellites.

    GPS US dominates for a long time, but for military and economic considerations, some of the key data and image services more clearly, it has reservations, not totally open. This is whether people have concerns about using the system stability.

    At first, the Japanese decided to develop the navigation satellite, it is no longer used because of concerns the US GPS positioning system. As an economic power, Japan, the production of many products require the support of GPS, the satellite positioning system, there is no initiative to let othe

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