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rs control equal to Japan's lifeline. Then, in 2001, the Government of Japan proposed the construction industry, "Quasi-Zenith Satellite System" for developing new business, which opened this satellite positioning systems engineering. Of course, as in Europe, the cost burden is difficult to reconcile such problems, the plans to spend a lot of years into the launch phase.

The US has the GPS global satellite positioning systems provide global coverage. United States, including the orbiting GPS satellites 24. But this system has been around for decades, relatively "old" for that. With the rapid development of global technology, and many newcomers can rely on new technology, a higher starting point in the design and navigation satellite systems.

    For example, Europe is developing the "Galileo" satellite positioning system, the 3 most accurate signal 10 times higher than the US GPS to determine the error range of objects within one meter will be better than the US GPS system error 10 m performance, and can provide real-time location information.

    In some Japanese cities, because the tall buildings, the US GPS satellite positioning accuracy is often poor. Some places in the mountains, to receive the GPS satellite signal is insufficient to locate. By design, the Japanese "guide" satellite and its two " brothers "with the GPS satellite system with so dense high-rise buildings and mountains between the position to receive better quality signal to car navigation systems in such complex conditions and the general environment, the positioning accuracy within one meter.

    Hitachi plans to "lead" was applied to monitor the satellite's signal system to school children. In the tall buildings of the city, send and receive radio waves hampered due to the building, there will be current GPS error of 500 meters. With "Introduction "satell

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