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11 evening, the Japanese with an H2A rocket, the country's first navigation satellite "Guidance" was successfully put into orbit. This marks the construction of Japan also joined the independent satellite positioning system to the ranks. At this point people to see, after the United States, Russia, European Union, China, Japan and other major powers and countries have joined the League of satellite positioning system competition. India to be outdone, as early as April this year, announced to launch its own navigation satellite next year.

Information pictures: Russia constituted "GLONASS" global positioning system satellite navigation

Not controlled by others, is a symbol of great power; the R & D strength, is a symbol of great power; have the ability to ensure economic development, is a symbol of great power; the maintenance of peace, deterrence, is a symbol of great power. Independent construction of the satellite positioning system, in a way, the concentration of all these symbols. Japan has always wanted to be normal power, no wonder that space research has been in the United States under its wings, but also seek to establish their own independent system.

    Once upon a time, space technology, technology seems to be just between the Russian patent. However, in the past 10 years, space exploration presents multi-polarization. Developed and launched from the satellite to planetary exploration, China, India, Japan, EU , Brazil, the figure emerging, some from from stove, and some vertical and horizontal, for a time, space development surging, and it has also become a great power game important battleground, the satellite positioning system is in competition arising under this background.

    Further, a large country or countries seeking great power status, a soft spot for the satellite positioning system, it is shown from the state mental strength, as well as the promotion of econo

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